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The documentation of the elemental 

Thessaloniki, GR*


Hector Mavridis, following his residency project at the Grölle Pass Project Gallery in Wuppertal in 2016, attempts to explore and redefine the disorder to be found in the elemental archetype.

He feels the need to reassess, rediscover and redefine what is basic and most important in his work.

In this exploration he revisits his everyday reality, using the familiar, the universal and the shared to shape his conclusions.

He suggests that concepts of universality, familiarity, and shared and collective engagement, may become the basic concepts in the further exploration of the current paradigm of the formation and definition of his ‘artistic’ practice, and artistic practice in general.

* Lola Nikolaou Gallery

The documentation of the elemental 

Wuppertal, DE


October 26,2016

 Hello dear friends,

I was invited to do a 2 week artist in residence at Grolle Pass Projects gallery´s new project room, in Wuppertal, DE

The last time I was in Wuppertal for an exhibition and performance, among other things, was 22 years ago.

Throughout these 22 years, this city and the people i met here, have become an important chapter of my identity as an artist.

It is quite an emotional experience being here again ,especially during this period of the peak of the terror of neoliberalism.

´The Documentation of the Elemental' is a collaborative project from our Polyonymous Artist group : Nikos Kryonidis, Demetres Liolopoulos, Iordanis Stilidis and me .

We decided to use my project as a visual signifier for the production of “logos” through the most familiar and global public platform that we know of i.e Facebook.

Therefore, we invite you to participate with your “logos” by posting and commenting in this Facebook event ,whenever something is posted ( visual signifier)

All posts will be published in a virtual book when the project ends.

We thank you for your participation.

Hector Mavridis 

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