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The visceral humming of the spiral

Duration : 1 hr

Hector Mavridis (ceramics),

Anat Pick (vocals)-Thessaloniki, GR , Jerusalem, ISR.

Savina Yannatou (vocals)-Thessaloniki-Athens ,GR, Skopje, N.MK

Costis Drygianakis (electronics)-Thessaloniki- Athens, GR, Skopje, N.MK

Dganit Elyakim (electronics)-Jerusalem, ISR


The potter’s wheel and the potter/ceramist are producers of performative acts in the making of three-dimensional spirals that are embodied in vessels for everyday use. The tactile information and machine mechanics involved in the making of these vessels become the generators of musical scores, designers and conveyors of compositions with rhythm and sound dynamics being most prevalent in a musical improvisation experience. This audio-visual performance is based on the idea above; it concentrates on the archetype of creation, "giving birth" to new kinds of sound and material bodies.

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