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Duration : 1hr


Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art:1,State Museum of Contemporary Art,Thessaloniki, Greece

The performance begins with a truck placing two pallets of unfired bricks on the grounds of the port area, one leather hard and the other bone dry. Both are the same type of brick used in the construction of nearby buildings in the city’s port area.

I stand working at the static objects, engaged in a mundane act of labour- numbering the bricks and then carrying and placing them on another pallet.

Participants become part of this ‘laborious’ process, sharing in the effort and the toil, acquiring the status of 'sponsors of labour'. When the phrase 'SPONSOR OF LABOUR" is stamped on the brick with their name inscribed on it as well, they then disperse to return home, taking with them the brick; and thus the static material object becomes dynamic, as it enters the public domain and is diffused in the life of the city. The inert object, becomes a carrier of ideas.

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