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I'll be your mirror

Duration : 3hrs


Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art :2. State Museum of Contemporary Art,Thessaloniki, Greece,

'I'll be your mirror' is a continuation of the performance ‘Thinking of Your Eyes’. In this performance the passersby are invited to participate in labour as repetitive practice, in order to experience it at first hand. The ongoing process may reveal to the participants the indeterminate quasi-'mystical' significance of labour, as enacted in this performance.

The performance begins with me seated on a plain chair on the pavement in the city centre. Numbering a huge pile of almonds. A mundane action in the public domain. Seated opposite the labourer with the almonds, is a passerby, but now the chair is comfortable, the ground covered in small red rug. The co-worker is a guest of honour. An honoured guest also numbering almonds. The repetitive labour is tiring and useless. It alludes to the repetitive nature of industrial activity. But the environment in which the mirroring is framed and the accumulated force of the repetition allows the labour process to acquire an indeterminate, unspecified significance. The dull and tedious becomes seemingly 'mystical'. The solidity is no longer fixed. The permanent merges into the ephemeral. The participants work away, mirroring each other’s action, in awe of what they are experiencing.

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