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Thinking of your eyes

Duration : 3hrs


Panorama of Visual Arts,State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonki, Greece 

I am seated inside a transparent booth. I engage in numbering a pile of almonds. It is repetitive action. Boring, tiring, laborious – a strain on the eyes and back. A mundane action. But the passerby-spectator’s attention is caught; curiosity begins to take over. The ephemeral action, the performance, is juxtaposed to the fixed, almost permanent nature of repetition as labour practice. The spectacle of the numerous almonds being numbered suggests the effort to rationalise, to control, to impose order on disorder, system on the random. But the juxtaposition of the repetitive labour as performance arouses in the viewer an indefinable, indeterminate mystical sense, a meditative mood, a sense of the creative, the spiritual.

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