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Προσέγγιση / Annäherung / Approach

Duration: 1 hr

Music by  Costis Drygianakis

2016Grölle pass: projects, Wuppertal, (DE)*

2023, ORATOS, Thessaloniki (GR)

Προσέγγιση / Annäherung / Approach


Domestic – Global – Familiar – Elemental – Essential – Ordinary / Common

Earth, Flour, Water

When people get together peacefully, they share bread.

The performance: Approach, took place in Wuppertal (DE) in 2016, at a time of extreme dystopian economic and social crisis. Seven years on, in our societies, dystopia seems to have become the default position of our thoughts and behaviors.

Using materials which are closely associated with the history of civilization, the power of our everyday rituals, our gestures and our behaviors, we shall attempt, once again:

To feel

To create

To get close to

To touch

To imagine

The breath of another


*This performance was part of my project, The 

Documentation of the Elemental


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